Red, White and Black football scarf

212 Kettering Dalok & amp; Football Chants

Poppies say grrrrr

15221 Hello Hello !
15490 La, La Laa.... To the tune of Hey Jude by The Beatles
15888 Oh When The Reds! oh when the reds!
16145 About Us Classic Kettering Town chant
16363 Oilay Fun song to sing
17318 We Hate ...! !!!!
17321 We're The Red Army! we're the red army!
17610 Oh Northamptonshire Is Wonderful wonderful place
17818 Red Army! Red Army!
17857 When I Was Just A Young Boy Classic anti direones song
  Premier League Betting
18234 We Hate Leeds! Leeds scum!
18490 Wembley Wembley beckons for Kettering Town
18701 About Our Only Kettering Our only Kettering
18871 JP Marna Classic Kettering chant
19672 Nuneaton W**kers! We hate Nuneaton!
  Premier League Betting


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