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18 Hull Dalok & amp; Football Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

333 We Are Hull Who are we, who are we... Lejátszási lista
426 Hull Flag Sung at any home game Lejátszási lista
589 City Till I Die And probably afterwards too. Lejátszási lista
1012 Hull City F.C. Another football chant classic from Hull City fans. Lejátszási lista
1573 Are You Grimsby in Disguise Sung when we are playing a team that ain't too great, or wears Black and White Stripes - Newcastle in the cup:) Lejátszási lista
1650 E I E I E I O Hull City Classic Hull City Football Song. Lejátszási lista
2045 Come on City A cracking, rousing, Hull City chant sung by Hull fans. Lejátszási lista
3099 Jingle Bells Sung all year round. Lejátszási lista
3265 You're Supposed to Be at Home Cr*p support from the home team Lejátszási lista
4082 Who Are Ya? Who do you think you are like? Lejátszási lista
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4474 Deano What's the Score Sung when we're up and he's coming on Lejátszási lista
4746 Andy Dawson (Clap) For Hull City's top stopper. Lejátszási lista
5243 Frazier Campbell Had his best years at Hull, his goals took us up Lejátszási lista
6161 His Name Is Geovanni! One for the legendary Geovanni!!!
6383 Jump Up If You Love City Off yer seats then Lejátszási lista
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FIFA és a PES Chant csomag

A legjobb Hull football chants és foci énekesmadár-val dalszöveg és készen áll a letöltés Pro Evolution és a FIFA játékok.



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