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119 Hartlepool Dalok & amp; Football Chants

The 'pool sing loud and proud

2519 We're Poolies Nothing further to add Lejátszási lista
2794 And It's Hartlepool Old favourite Hartlepool football chant. Lejátszási lista
3182 Hark Now Hear United Sing Listen up to the Pool Lejátszási lista
3430 We Are the Poolie The Poolie boot boys Lejátszási lista
4520 We're Not Standing Anymore Winding up the stewards Lejátszási lista
4687 You're Supposed to Be at Home Outsinging them again Lejátszási lista
4724 When the Pool Go Marching In We all go together. Classic ringtone for the mobile. Lejátszási lista
6245 Get Into 'em Lets have it Lejátszási lista
6698 Hartlepool and the Monkey Shall we hang him?
6752 Let's All Have a Disco You can tell by the way I walk yeah, I'm a womens man no time to talk Lejátszási lista
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7266 Poolie (Clap) Old style football chant Lejátszási lista
7687 Danny Wilson's Barmy Army For our former boss Lejátszási lista
7784 Stand Up If You Hate Darlo We expect you to be standing. Good ringtone Lejátszási lista
8195 Hartlepool Simple, to the point and passionate. Always sounds good on the mobile. Lejátszási lista
8665 We Are Hartlepool Classic chant and ringtone. Lejátszási lista
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