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104 Gillingham Dalok & amp; Football Chants

Kent's finish fans the gills

2943 We're Going Down In A Minute Sung just before being relegated. Typical Gill humour Lejátszási lista
3292 Blue Army! Gillinghams blue army Lejátszási lista
4421 Gillingham Giiiiiiilingham! Lejátszási lista
4514 Celery, Celery Sung by others, but still unusual Lejátszási lista
4605 In Your Northern Slums Scumbags Lejátszási lista
5491 The Football League Is Upside Down We're going up Lejátszási lista
7167 We Keyed Your Minibus! Sung by some guys behind us at the Burton game in the FA Cup. It was directed at Paul Peschisolido. Sung to the tune of "You are recycling"
7861 Simeon Jackson Top striker Lejátszási lista
8273 Blue And White Army (With Sound) Sung all the time :) Lejátszási lista
8297 He's Taking Us Down And he robbed the crown Lejátszási lista
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9190 Hello Hello We Are The Gillingham Boys Surrender or die Lejátszási lista
9662 When The Gills Go Marching In I wanna be in that number Lejátszási lista
9970 Que Sera Sera We're going to Wembley! Lejátszási lista
10081 You're Not Singing Anymore when the opposition shut up, normally because of a goal Lejátszási lista
10198 Hessenthalers Barmy Army Sung about our manager
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