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15108 Wings Of A Sparrow Another anti Lewes
15210 This Is How It Feels Lewes can't win a game in 19, relegated in march
15323 Were Staying Up We're staying up
15531 Defence Song Defence song
15941 Are Ya Listenin Are you listening
16269 East Sussex Is Ours The pride of east sussex
16414 Build A Bonfire Burn em...
16796 We Are Borough We are Borough
17020 We're The North Stand We're the North Stand
17234 Allo Allo We are the Borough boys
  Premier League Betting
17453 Eastbourne Borough FC EBFC
17569 Only One Team In Sussex There really is only one team in sussex and thats borough
17682 Seasiders Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
17888 We All Follow The Borough Keep on following
18101 Borough Till I Die Borough till i die
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