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204 Eastbourne Dalok & amp; Football Chants

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11722 Eastbourne Borough FC EBFC
12044 Seasiders Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
12349 We All Follow The Borough Keep on following
12674 Borough Till I Die Borough till i die
12978 Are Ya Listenin Are you listening
13256 Crawley Town Crawley Town known to be a howvel
14199 Oh Me Lads Oh me lads
14514 You Are My Borough My only Borough
14839 Burn Down Lewes anti-lewes
15179 We Hate Lewes Anti-Lewes
  Premier League Betting
15339 This Is How It Feels Lewes can't win a game in 19, relegated in march
15479 We're Eastbourne Till I die
15786 Borough A simple one for the Borough
16093 Hark The Borough Sing Hark now hear
16387 One Eastbourne Borough One EBFC
  Premier League Betting


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