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143 Colchester Dalok & amp; Football Chants

The 'U''s sing it loud and proud in Essex

1733 Der Col U A great Colchester United chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great Col U ringtone. Lejátszási lista
1901 U's Go Steaming In Great rouser of a Colchester football chant. Lejátszási lista
2093 (Clap) Col U Classic and simple Col U. football chant. Lejátszási lista
5315 United! (Clap) Old chants are the best chants. Lejátszási lista
5488 Carefree CUFC Was it Chelsea of Col U that did this one first? Lejátszási lista
7614 We Can See You Sneaking Out sung at away fans leaving early when losing Lejátszási lista
15009 Does Your Livestock Know You're Here? Sung to Norwich
15331 Build A Bonfire Build a bonfire.
15532 The Southend Run Away Sung to Southend to remind them of our past triumphs
15625 Up The Us Colchester United Club Anthem
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15724 F*ck Off Ipswich FC Sang by Col U fans wen they're against Ipswich
15994 U's Are Going Up To the tune of Baby give it up, (sung when the U's are going up)
16403 Hark Now Hear Sung when Colchester are beatin Southend.
16695 One Man Went To War One Man Went To War
17052 Portman Road Is Full Of.... Sung to the Ipswich Town
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