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59 Brentford Dalok & amp; Football Chants

Bees buzzin' around Griffin Park.

524 Hey Brentford Sure Paul and John had this in mind when they wrote it? Lejátszási lista
1074 Super Brentford FC Another classic Brentford football song, oldie but goodie Lejátszási lista
1540 Red Army, Red Army Keeps on marching on. Great Brentford MP3 or ringtone Lejátszási lista
1835 You're Not Very Good Really not good at all Lejátszási lista
1863 Nananana Brentford FC! Set this Brentford chant as your mobile ringtone Lejátszási lista
1929 Andy Score Please Lejátszási lista
2008 Went To War Ed: We weren't sent in the lyrics for this one. If you know 'em just comment and we'll sort it. Lejátszási lista
2039 Que Sera, Sera Wembley! Lejátszási lista
2086 David Moyes Tool from Everton Lejátszási lista
2413 Can You Hear The Orient Sing? Quiet, as mice Lejátszási lista
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2481 It's All Your Fault Blame it on the boogie. Poor recording but worth adding. Lejátszási lista
2844 One Leg Having a go at a Chesterfield fan with a walking stick
3012 Falling In Love With You Not the best of the Brentford chants but worth a play Lejátszási lista
3082 On The Pitch I brought my boots just in case Lejátszási lista
4508 We're The Red And White Army Classic chant Lejátszási lista
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