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1640 Arsenal England We've Got Vermaelen Ver-Marley (Vermaelen) to 'I Shot the Sheriff' Lejátszási lista
8555 Ross County Scotland We Are The Famous Ross County We're So Famous! Lejátszási lista
10540 Exeter England Rob Edwards Woaah Rob Edwards woaah Lejátszási lista
12680 Morecambe England Nearly Scored So close... Lejátszási lista
12694 Morecambe England Twist And Shout - Morecambe Beatles by the sea... Lejátszási lista
13360 Stevenage England Bounce! nice and effective.. Lejátszási lista
13387 Queen Of The South Scotland Queens, Queens, Queens Queen Of The South ultras making a right noise at Palmerston Lejátszási lista
13736 Morecambe England On The Chairs Get on 'em lads.. Lejátszási lista
14907 Spurs England Bulgarian Rhapsody About the transfer of Berbatov to Man United. Set in the board room, featuring Berbatov, Daniel Levy and Juande Ramos
14969 Blackpool England Who Put Pool In Premier League For our Bretty Ormerod
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14979 Chelsea England Follow Follow Follow 2009 Sorry Bridgie, we got a new man from Serbia who did something bigger than you
14980 Sunderland England Goodbye Cisse Wish he was still here
14998 Manchester United England Rafas Rant We love your rants Rafa give us the boost we needed to win another league champonship. To the tune of run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run.
15053 Hull England Kamil Zayatte, Zayatte Dont know what the song is called for this tune but markus bent once has this song.
15064 Birmingham City England Oh The Holte End We hate Villa
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