Egyesült Királyság Made Up Football Chants

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1603 Arsenal England We've Got Vermaelen Ver-Marley (Vermaelen) to 'I Shot the Sheriff' Lejátszási lista
11706 Morecambe England Nearly Scored So close... Lejátszási lista
15198 Carmarthen Town Wales Down Town A Chant done for the Legend of Carmarthen
15240 Chelsea England Ricardo Quaresma One for the new man
15287 Manchester United England He Is Ronaldo, Fergie'S Wonderboy! Song about Ronaldo's talent!!
15292 Celtic Scotland Fairytale Of Celtic Park Eat yer heart oot Elton!
15351 Bolton England Ivan Klasnic To The Tune Of My Old Man's A Dustman
15398 Manchester United England Liar Torres Song for Torres the traitor
15413 Millwall England We Are The Boys From Bermondsey New chant, sung to the tune of Lord Of The Dance i think
15417 Carmarthen Town Wales 50 Pence Lovin It
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15427 Fulham England Who's That Team They Call The Fulham? COYW
15467 Nottingham Forest England Paul Anderson Song The tune to Agadoo for our class midfielder (Ed: See Anderson son son in the Man United section)
15547 Aston Villa England Agbonlahor Just a song for are speed machine
15591 Manchester United England Rafas Rant We love your rants Rafa give us the boost we needed to win another league champonship. To the tune of run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run.
15631 Reading England Cardiff Love Sheep We hate Cardiff
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