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970 Ross County Scotland We Are The Famous Ross County We're So Famous! Lejátszási lista
1220 Aston Villa England Sylla He Loves The F**king Villa Recorded via the free FanChants iPhone app in a pub at Palace Lejátszási lista
1374 Chelsea England In Response To No History Funny Sh*t
1375 Birmingham City England Frank Quedrue A song about Blues French Left Back, Frank Quedrue.
1464 Cardiff City England Peter Whittingham Running Down The Wing Could use for other players if he goes!
1474 Arsenal England Diving Whinger Portugeser - Bye Ronaldo tata Cristiano diving scumbag
1488 Manchester United England Rafas Rant We love your rants Rafa give us the boost we needed to win another league champonship. To the tune of run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run.
1691 Wolves England Green Wheely Bins Sandwell slums
1697 Alloa Athletic Scotland I Think I Wanna Marry You Teasing the manager
1966 Wolves England We Drew The Game 1-1 Ending result against local rivals
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1971 Cardiff City England No One Likes Us After the derby were getting abused everywhere!
2162 Hull England Bounce In A Minute Sing before Geo song
2182 Doncaster England Wednesday We hate Wednesday
2392 West Bromwich Albion England Dorrans Song dorrans song(new)
2407 Cardiff City England My Old Man Must admit, adjusted from a utd chant. still relevant tho
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